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In Deneia, the uncultivated land covers approximately 1000 hectares. A special position among this uncultivated land is held by the community forest which stretches on 100 hectares of land. 

Although the cultivation of land does not constitute one of the basic occupations of the residents of Deneia, there are several cultivations of cereal, wheat and barleycorn. These cultivations acquire a special colour each season. In particular, they are covered by a green “veil” in spring, which turns gold under the summer sun. The remaining cultivations include some olive trees, something which reveals that olive cultivation has been developed to only a limited degree. What is more, one can also encounter some citrus fruits and vegetables in the gardens of houses.    

The village’s sources of beauty are the greenery areas created at the community, such as the roundabout with the colourful flowers and the trees planted along the streets. As far as the fauna of Deneia is concerned, it is the same as the one encountered in many areas of the island including partridges and hares.   

One can meet both the fauna and flora of Deneia while strolling along the Nature Trail which is approximately 6000 metres long. This trail starts from the village of Mammari and ends at the archaeological site of Deneia. In particular, along the trail one can encounter various species of plants, as well as species of fauna. More specifically, apart from hares and partridges, one can also meet ducks.


Community Council


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2675 Δένεια, Λευκωσία
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